This is a global site developed for members of the public to understand everything they need to know about the United Nations [UN] vacation process. United Nations diplomat staff vacation act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd, July 1996 by constitutional assembly states that Staff members serving at duty stations designated as having very difficult Restrictions of life and work may be authorized Home visit only on one condition.. this condition is when the wife seek for his vacation.  We wish to inform you that not all vacations are granted so you should not feel discouraged when you try to apply for your loved ones vacation and it is rebuff because the vacation department attends to so many people and yours might not be granted. So you can always try again and again until you are successful.
We also wish to let you know that termination of the vacation process is possible. Below are what causes termination of the vacation.

……….. Delay in procedures of the vacation requirement.
………. If you apply for a vacation/invitation for someone, The UN needs to confirm your identity before sending our officials to you. And for that reason, If your identity could not be confirmed , The UN will not approve the vacation. so you have to send your ID card, passport, or drivers licensed.
………. Delay in payment and procrastination can also leads to the vacation cancellation. So to avoid cancellation, You should write to the UN vacation department the reason for the delay in payment and you should give us a concrete date you will be making the payment so that we can increase the time to wait for you .

We wish to let you know that the UN will respond to you in whatever language you used it sending them a letter.
So we advise individuals who wants to apply for their loved ones vacation to send the letter with their native language for a better understanding when the UN responds to you. You should not panic to send letter to the UN with your native language because for as you know, The UN is a world wide organization.

NOTE : Not all the UN email appears in your mail inbox. Some messages appear in your spam box because of network traffic. So when you are expecting an update or reply from the United Nations, You should also check your spam always.


The Husband/wives/fiancée or close friends and relatives is expected to send a formal vacation letter to the United Nations vacation Department through this email: or

. The United Nations vacation Department will Help with Guideline when you send a formal vacation letter to the above email.


Due to high volume of traffic in email, the vacation department has provided two emails for the same purpose, you are free to make use of any of them.


In order to know our workers  leave was successful and they got home to their Husband/wives/fiancée or close friends and relatives safely, then the UN will be in charge of arranging the flight and health insurance but note that any vacation or leave that is not in agreement between the UN and our officials, The UN will not be responsible to pay for expenses fees. But we will be responsible for the arrangement of all in order to make sure everything is in order . So all payment should be paid to the UN account offices by our worker or the person who applied for the vacation. Kindly check our Account department to be able to understand how to make payments or also you can send a direct mail to us to this email or

stating the reasons and who you are making payment for.
We are doing all these because we can not afford to put the life of our workers at risk. Reasons being that, before the amendment of the policy when vacation was free we recorded lost of our  workers who leave the camp with vacation excuse and end up visiting harlots and were eliminated by the ISIS because they failed to go home. The amendment of the policy has helped a lot in the past 20 years because we have not lost our potential workers to the ISIS through vacation process.


The vacation charge is not fixed, it varies. We have different branches you can apply to as the United Nations is a global organization and each branch has its price tag. You will find out more information when you send a formal vacation letter to the vacation department through or


The vacation certificate is valid for 1 to 3 months depending on how long the staff chooses to stay away from the camp but it won’t exceed months.


The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) in collaboration with the United Nations works to prevent crime and build safer, more caring communities. (NCPC’s). Major initiatives include the National Citizens’ Crime Prevention Campaign (NCCPC), an alliance of national,

state, and federal organizations that works with businesses, civic groups, individuals, and law enforcement to generate crime prevention awareness and action throughout the country through a variety of mechanisms. The campaign includes a series of public service advertisements, publications, training, technical assistance, and program development, this is a safe site because only real UN workers know about this site any other site talking about vacation is a force site.


Note: Vacation must be apply with the two emails listed here, any other email that is not listed here is a fraudulent email and must be reported. 

Online Vacation Form

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