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Welcome to the united Nations Consignment department, you can apply for your Consignment and it will be delivered to your door step within 3 to 10 days by our diplomatic courier service with maximum security, distance is never a barrier for our great organization.  Contact Consignment department using this email: consignment.un@post.com or consignmentdept@unlive.officessiunisite.org

The UN is a magnanimous Organization and we always reward our workers with a huge compensation after serving with the United Nations especially those who worked on a peace keeping missions in different war zones and our workers also receive appreciation from governments and rich men for a sign of appreciation and credit and the money are all given in cash to our workers who work in war zones.

Because of this, The UN created a box named consignment box where workers can store their money and personal documents and parcel such as golds and other precious stones gifted to them on various occasions while at work and it is stored in UN safe house and its a confidential location we can’t disclose because of security reasons .
Moreover, With all the security UN provides and all, Our officials still prefer to move out this box to their loved ones or someone who they trust with all their heart because of fear of losing all what they have worked for and for some financial personal reasons.
. These are the procedures for you to be able to receive the consignment box of our workers

First of all , You have to be authorized by owner of the consignment box to help him/her to receive the box and keep it safe.

You will have to send a letter to the UN Consignment department stating the relationship between you and our worker who asked you to help him receive the box and his Full name and his current working camp where he lives and work.

We will then seek permission from our worker if he/she truly authorized you to help receive the box and once he/she confirm and ratify you, then we will be able to send the box to your location that you will provide for us.

We will assign our diplomatic courier service to bring the box to your door step without stress and high security

NOTE: Bringing our workers consignment box is not among the agreement between the UN and our officials and for that reason, We will not be responsible to pay for the expenses in bringing the box to you. Either you or our owner will be responsible for the expenses fees. But we assure you that it must get to you in safe hands.

Kindly contact our Consignment department via email consignment.un@post.com or consignmentdept@unlive.officessiunisite.org. for more details

Note: Consignment must be apply with the two emails listed here, any other email that is not listed here is a fraudulent email and must be reported. 

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